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“Awf ibn Malik (RA) reported that the Prophet ﷺ, said, “I and a woman who is widowed and is patient with her child will be like these two fingers in the Garden.”

“One of his signs is that he created for you spouses like your selves so that you may live with them in affection and mercy” (Quran 30:21)

“But if they separate Allah will compensate each out of his abundance. Allah is ever all embracing all knowing” (Quran 4:130)

“And let those who cannot find a match keep chaste till Allah gives them independence “ (Quran 24:33)

“One of his signs is that he created for you spouses like your selves so that you may live with them in affection and mercy” (Quran 30:21)

“They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them” – (Quran 2:187)

“The upright women are for upright men and the upright men are for upright women” (Quran 24:26)

“It is He who created you all from one soul, and from it made its mate so that they may dwell with one another” (Quran 7:189)

We are not simply a Muslim dating site or Muslim match making website! There are already a lot of sites/services out there which cater for single Muslims but not many which satisfy the needs of the mature Muslim community, Islamic marriage, those looking for Muslim Matrimonial services or those whose marital status is divorced and or are with children. That’s where Mature Muslim Matrimony comes in; we are a professional muslim marriage website and want to match mature Muslim couples, who can potentially find traditional or other internet avenues a little frustrating, with their life partners.

We at Mature Muslim Matrimony really truly want to keep our service Halal to its members. This is why we have a policy of having N0 chat rooms, No poking & No members under 30 years old (unless they are happy to marry from our above mentioned categories). We even welcome your Parents & Wali’s to be a part of our process and service. MMM actively encourage both parents & Wali’s to be part of the decision-making process.

Not everyone wants their profile to show up on google type searches. Nor do users want their profile viewed by people who (via free registration) have no intention of marriage. We aim to stop these practices by having real profiles by real people who are serious about marriage. We promise to NEVER use your profile to improve our google rankings; in brief only paid up members will be allowed to view your profile. We even can provide private telephone numbers, so you can contact prospective partners in complete confidence.

That’s the easy bit, its £9.99 per month and only £7.50 / month if paid annually. We want our site to be available to everyone and charge upfront to ensure that we ‘attract serious applicants only’; this fee also allows us to ensure we can keep the MMM up to date and relevant for our members.

We have just started up but we will be updating this section very shortly (in-Sha-Allah)

How We Work

Our quick and easy process allows you to start your search to completing your family and half of your deen – in-sha-Allah.


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We understand our responsibility of ensuring our site is truly halal, we also appreciate the fact that most people do not want their profile viewable by those who have no intention of marriage. This is why we ensure only people who can view your profile are those serious for marriage and are registered with us.


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MMM want to be different this is why we request all of our members to include information which may not necessarily be requested on other sites. We advise all of our members to be honest, Be you, Take your time and make an effort to identify personal circumstances.


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Once your profile is up you are ready to perform various searches for prospective matches. When you come across an interesting profile, Express Interest or Send a Message. Do be patient and remember to do plenty of dua’s.


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We recommend exchanging messages on the website to assess compatibility. Ask genuine questions and be direct, the measure of if someone is genuine is that he/she will be asking the meaningful questions. Do keep your Wali involved in all exchanges, if Allah swt wills then the rest will fall in to place in-sha-Allah.

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Our pricing is affordable with absolutely no requests for payment to unlock additional functionalities or other hidden costs. What you see is what you pay, simple.


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