Bismillah - Mature Muslim Matrimony

About Us

Mature Muslim Matrimony – Who We Are:

Our sole purpose is to help Muslims who are divorced, widowed, and single parents find their life companion in a mature and confidential manner.

The MMM service caters for those individuals who are genuinely serious about getting married but don’t want to deal with the players or the fake profile sites or individuals who are content in just conversation and chatting. MMM truly want to help break community taboos which regrettably look down at people who are divorced, separated, with children and can accept them living alone for the rest of their lives rather than them find a compatible life partner and a chance of fulfilling their deen.

MMM really truly want to create a serious matrimonial & introduction site for Muslims who are:

  • Single & aged over 30 years of age
  • Divorced
  • Separated
  • with children
  • Or are willing to marry from those in the above category.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • Totally Private – because the only people who should be able to view your profile are ones who are seriously looking to get married
  • In brief no signup/payment then no profile and no searches
  • Dedicated to UK based single Muslims parents, divorcees and widowers
  • Tailored Matches – MMM work behind the scenes to link compatible members together
  • We delete all pictures and profiles off our servers/site when a member decides he/she no longer want to search via MMM – or if they have found their life partner  via MMM (In-sha–Allah)
  • Some sites use profiles to improve their search engine optimization. This is NOT the case with MMM
    • None of our pictures will show up on google type searches
    • Absolutely NO fake profiles & we DO NOT use our members profiles to improve our search-ability
    • NO adverts, Spamming or Pop up banners.
  • We allow members to propose their own questions for potential partners
  • Totally open pricing policy – no hidden charges and absolutely no forcing users to pay now in order to read messages or view profiles of compatible members
  • Simple sign up process
  • The MMM Privacy Protection –We have invested in the most comprehensive SSL & TSL security technologies to protect our members and for their peace of mind.

Next Steps:

  • We have just started off but Alhumdulillah we are already looking forward to incorporating in the process of upgrading our website to help Muslims with disabilities to find each other more easily
  • Furthermore we want to update our blog section to help members provide their experiences and advice for single Muslims who are looking for marriage
  • We also want to incorporate Myers Briggs personality tests to ensure that we match on as many compatible parameters
  • Please do make du’a we are able to help as many people as possible to complete their family and half their deen.