Bismillah - Mature Muslim Matrimony


MMM does not want to be a typical Muslim dating site, in fact we want to totally stop those practices which potentially make a service non-halal. MMM is designed to be halal, fit for purpose and really easy to use.

What’s more MMM aims to achieve more than just an introduction service. We truly want to help break community taboos which regrettably look down at people who are divorced, separated, with children and can accept them living alone for the rest of their lives rather than find a compatible life partner and a chance of fulfilling their deen.

MMM really truly want to create a serious matrimonial & introduction site for Muslims who are:

  • Single & aged over 30 years of age
  • Divorced
  • Separated
  • with children
  • Or are willing to marry from those in the above category.

A few of our unique points are listed below:

Private site- MMM will keep all member profile information private, giving you total ease of mind

  • Target audience- We match people who are serious about marriage and fall within the following criteria: over 30 years old, divorced or widowed (with children)
  • No Pop-ups- We want to make the users experience at the top of priority list and pledge to a 0% advertisement and 0% pop-up’s policy on MMM
  • Halal- Being a Muslim marriage site, we understand our responsibilities in ensuring the MMM website and services fully comply with the Islamic ethos. We have ensured that we have a no chat room policy and any kind of inappropriate communication other than for people who are serious about marriage. At MMM we cater for people who are truly serious about marriage and want to go about finding their life partner in an Islamic manner.
  • No hidden costs- We are an honest company and will be completely upfront about our pricing. More detail on the pricing can be viewed on the Pricing page of the website
  • We have videos/blogs to help educate people to get married and stay married as well as eradicating the discrimination & prejudices which unfortunately exist within our communities
  • The best bit is that by joining us, not only will you be able to potentially find your perfect partner (in-Sha-Allah) but you also will be helping charity. MMM will donate 5% of their profits to charity.

That’s great, you are more than welcome to join, however you must be willing to marry people from the MMM categories; namely those who are: over 30 years old, divorced or widowed (with children).

That’s a good question and to be honest we cannot say definitively as everything is in Allah (SWT) hands. However any prospective search should take between 3-6 months to find a match. We also advise that you supplement your search with other/traditional methods like the ‘aunty’ network/ family and friends / Networking events etc. Most of all we cannot stress enough that please do continually do dua to Allah (SWT) that he blesses you with a pious life partner (and please do dua for us also).

That is great Alhumdulillah, MMM actively encourage Walis’/Mehrams’ to be part of the process and even allow Wali’s to sign up on behalf of your sister/daughter.

Yes we guarantee your profile will only be accessible to paying members who are serious about marriage. Other sites potentially use your profile to help in their SEO activities. We think this is really unfair. Therefore we promise to only allow paid members to view your profile and/or contact you.