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Our platform has been custom developed for one purpose, and one purpose alone. Helping you find a suitable partner in a Halal and comfortable environment

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Profile Cards

MMM want to ultimately get our members matched and married, we want to also make it as easy as possible for our members to achieve this. We have therefore ensured our search results are displayed simply and as Profile Cards. This allows our members to look through prospective profiles and review them for compatibility. One click and you can tag a profile, express interest or remove it from your search a profile. It’s that simple.

Smart Search

We are really excited about our Smart Search facility. It allows our members to specify their ideal match requirements and then sit back and let the system suggest prospective profiles & matches.

Our smart search even specifies how closely matched you are to another user by displaying a percentage number!

Live Chat

By popular request we have introduced this new feature to allow our members to communicate in real-time. We have created a safe environment which is not vulnerable to misuse, where only members who have reviewed and approved each other’s profiles can chat to one another.

To protect our users, we have implemented a feature that allows reporting a conversation to an admin. We want people to talk to each other but do not condone or promote any un-Islamic conversations.