Bismillah - Mature Muslim Matrimony

Why become a Member

Mature Muslim Matrimony is our humble attempt to create a private matrimonial & introductory site for Muslims in the UK who are:

  • Single & aged over 30 years
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Separated
  • with children
  • Or are willing to marry from the above categories.

MMM promises to be:


Privacy is the main reason why people are still hesitant on joining online marriage sites. Not everyone wants their profile to show up on google type searches. Users also do NOT want their profile viewed by users who (via free registration) have no intention of marriage. Nor do they want their time wasted by contacting the numerous fake profiles out there expecting a response. MMM aims to stop these practices by having real profiles by people who are serious about marriage. In a nutshell only paid up members will be allowed to view your profile and contact you.


We at MMM really truly want to keep our service truly Halal & really bespoke to its members, it is why we have a policy of having NO chat rooms, NO poking & No members under 30 years old unless they are happy to marry from our stated categories.

We even welcome your Parents & Wali’s to be a part of our process and service. MMM actively encourages both parents & Wali’s to be part of the decision-making process.


There are already a lot of sites/services out there which cater for the crowds but not many which satisfy the needs of the mature Muslim community, i.e. those who are divorced, separated and or are with children. That’s where MMM comes in, we want to match mature Muslim couples who can potentially find traditional or other internet avenues a little frustrating.

We cater specifically and exclusively for the Mature Muslim community which comprise of:

  • Over the age of 30 years old
  • People who are divorced, widowed (or with children)
  • Or happy to marry from the above.

Value for Money

That’s the easy bit, its £9.99 per month. We want our site to be available to everyone but feel the need to charge upfront to ensure that we only ‘attract serious applicants only’; this fee also allows us to ensure we can keep the MMM up to date and relevant for our members. Saying this discounts are available if membership is annual or bi-annual.


  • MMM really want to break community taboos placed by the Muslim community on Single Muslims who are divorced or divorced with children, and prevents them from marriage
  • To provide practical solutions to these problems not simply to ignore these stigmas
  • To help introduce single Muslim parents to each other for the sole purpose of marriage
  • To create a matrimonial site which promotes compatibilities i.e. two people who have divorce as a compatibility etc.
  • To help those who cannot have children enjoy the sanctity of marriage and the blessing of children by marrying someone who already has children
  • To help educate members on how to find marriage and how to stay married
  • & ultimately to revive the Sunnah of helping those single Muslims who are divorced and/or with child find marriage partners.

MMM truly believes that it is important for any user to understand what benefits are on offer when becoming a member. Please see the points listed below:


Our aim is to allow you to find your potential life partner in a safe environment by using a secure service, underpinned by TLS & SSL technologies. We ensure that all our members have a username and password which can be used to access the website.

Successful Marriage

Our research shows that people of all faiths are increasingly turning to online services to supplement their search. UK based Muslims are no different in complementing their traditional search avenues with online sites and services. A 2013 YouGov poll found that that 1 in 4 relationships actually begin online.

However we understand that many users of online matrimonial sites are apprehensive around privacy and the service being discreet about their profile. This is why we at MMM pledge to never allow a profile to be viewed by just anyone. We promise that only those who are serious about marriage and have signed up will be able to view your profile & contact you.